Know Things Related to Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is an action to pull a tooth out of the gum. Tooth extraction is usually done on teeth that are problematic and cannot be repaired anymore. Tooth extraction is performed by a dentist, with anesthesia on the patient first, usually local anesthesia. If the teeth are not blocked by the gums, extractions can be done without surgery. Whereas if the crown of a tooth is not visible due to a broken or growing oblique pressure on the tooth next to it (impaction), surgery is needed tooth extraction (odontectomy). Tooth Extractions Indications Some dental conditions that generally need to be removed are: Cavities that can no longer be repaired. Rocking teeth accompanied by infections such as gum infections or tooth abscesses. Tooth position that is not normal, can accumulate, uneven or tilted and cause injury to cheek tissue. Dental infection. Tooth decay due to serious injury. Teeth that are in abnormal tissue, such as being in the jawbone fracture line. Tooth Extr
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